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Divorce Wealth Strategies

Understand needs. Strategize options. Implement solutions.

Pre-Divorce, during the Divorce process, and Post-Divorce are times of great uncertainty about the future. At this time, the greatest peace of mind comes from having the proper team in place to assist you with your future needs…legally, financially, and emotionally. A CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) is specifically trained to be a critical part of that team. While working with Christine Palmer Hennigan ChFC, CDFA, you will gain an understanding and comfort level that all of the financial decisions during the divorce process serve your best interest, not only at end of the
divorce process but long term as well.

If you are contemplating divorce or are in any stage of the divorce process, it likely may make sense to include a CDFA on your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

✦ What do I need to consider pre and post-divorce?
✦ What are the top financial considerations when divorcing?
✦ What lifestyle can I afford?
✦ Should I keep the house?
✦ How important is the pension?
✦ What is more important… securing alimony or a greater % of assets?
✦ What steps can I take if my spouse is possibly hiding assets?
✦ Who will pay for the children’s education?
✦ Where do I start?

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